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The C-Hawks are a tough no frills boat for people who want a no nonsense tough product at a great priceClosing Quote

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We've spent years working with various manufacturers, spending countless hours and invested tremendous sums of capitol to find the absolute best quality boats to bring to market. When you buy a C-Hawk you can rest assured you have the best of the best. Closing Quote

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The refreshing simplicity of the C-Hawk design is enhanced by the battleship toughness of our construction. Since many of C-Hawk boats are used in commercial application, they must be built to withstand an environment that is much more non-forgiving than that of the recreational environment.

22 Sport Cabin - Center Console Boat

We use high quality Cook gelcote backed by 100% vinyl ester resin to prevent hull blisters. Our laminate schedule calls for alternate layers of woven and chopped mats which are hand-rolled by a team with over 20 years experience in lamination. All core materials are "no rot" Perma Ply Marine Core to add to the structural integrity of our hulls. Stringers are 100% encapsulated in glass and resin and our "Unistructure" system bonds stringers, floors, and transoms into a single unit providing for additional structural strength.

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The coastal environment brings with it corrosion. At C-Hawk boats, we take extra measure to fight Mother Nature's dislike for metal. We use only the highest quality 316 stainless steel deck hardware. The stainless fasteners which are exposed to the elements are chrome plated for extra protection.

Providing you with a quality product and many years of boating pleasure is the goal of each employee at Custom Fiberglass Products. Their dedication, craftsmanship, and pride in their work continue the tradition of excellence started in 1977. The tried-and-true C-Hawk boat construction methods have proven to withstand the most severe applications.


C-Hawk 16 Center Console                 

C-Hawk 18 Center Console  “SPECIAL         

C-Hawk 190 Center Console   “SPECIAL”                       

C-Hawk 20 Center Console                

C-Hawk 22 Center Console       

C-Hawk 23 Center Console      

C-Hawk 25 Center Console                          

C-Hawk 26 Center Console                       

C-Hawk 29 Cabin 

C-Hawk 29 Center Console 

C-Hawk 200 Center Console 

C-Hawk 220 Center Console

C-Hawk 235 Center Console Tournament 

C-Hawk 190 Center Console

C-Hawk Sport Cabin Boats

C-Hawk 222 Sport Cabin

C-Hawk 25 Sport Cabin/Cut Transom

C-Hawk 25 Standard Cuddy Cabin

C-Hawk 25 Sport Cabin XL

C-Hawk 235 Cuddy Cabin




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